Bandsman W Metcalfe 46534, Band Room No 5, 52 Royal Sussex Regt, Goojerat Brks, Colchester
Dear Emmie

Greatly to my surprise I am able to write you this letter this evening. About 10.30. Friday evening we were told to pack our kit bags and be ready to move away by eight o’clock Sat morn. About midnight Fri we were all awakened by the fire-call and had to dress and get on parade. Within the same hour we were all in bed again. I hear that the fire was ten miles away and the call was continuously picked up by buglers until it reached our barracks. When we were in bed again we could still hear it being played so I don’t know how far it got. By eight o’clock the next morn. we had our full pack on and were served out with 100 rounds of live ammunition each. At 9.30. we marched off and we all prepared to be out for three or four days. We were marching towards Clacton and we all thought there was something on, an attempted landing or such like, when we met the Brigadier General (not the one we all disliked; he is in France.) and he told us to make our way back by another road and we arrived back in barracks just on two o’clock. Everybody was surprised to see us return and as we were mostly worn out we did not go out in the evening. All leave was canceled and all on leave were recalled so there were a few dissapointed ones this week. I am glad I had my few hours the week previous. I played the organ for the service this morning and it went well; I will have to see if I can get some practice on it. I wish I could be with you this evening in the arm chair or on the sofa Eh! what! I feel both love sick and home sick. I will be glad when this wicked war is over, it is a beastly bore; disarranges ones plans etc. don’t you find it so. I wish I could wait for you outside the Mish: after G.T.S. or after your evening classes. I don’t mean to have short hair long or I do mean to make my short hair long. I bought a shampoo at Boot’s and did my hair. This with some hair drill (after parade) has made a difference in three days but I don’t suppose it will be normal until I return to civvy life. It is now seven’o’clock and I am going to get some soup for supper. This mixed with some water and a couple of oxo cubes will a good stay until breakfast time tomorrow morning. Well my love I cannot express in words how much I feel towards you so I will close now hoping you understand how sacred I hold your Love

Much Love From Will xx


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