Bandsman W Metcalfe 46534, 52 Royal Sussex Regt, Colchester
Dear Emmie

In answer to yours received this afternoon. Thanks for Mags. Of course you will not be surprised when I ask you who this “decent sport” is to perhaps take pity on a lonely maid. Two or three times you have said that you would like me to be home for christmas; I hope I am but I think that is as far as I shall get “hoping”. If I do manage it I will be exceedingly lucky. It is not likely that they will let a whole battalion home together and ours is not the only one here. I do remember the first morn of 1917 the year in which everybody thought that the war was going to end. I hope that this thought proves to be true only it is drawing very close. Our Regt. Is an infantry regt. I do not consider it a very foolish question to ask. I did not go on parades this morning but voluntiers were asked for, for signaling, and when C. Gibbs offered himself and they found out he was a bandsman the captain said that he had a better job for us later on than that. I think we will get our badges this week and I have enclosed a sketch of it. I am not sure it will be quite the same that is why I have not bought you one yet. I meant to have my photo taken before I met with this bit of fate but it came too quickly. C.G. had his hair cut very short on Sat last but he had to have it done again by the army barber today. I don’t think there was much in that mobilisation last Sat: it was the same last year “an attempted landing on the east coast”. all rumour. I did enjoy playing the organ again Sun: as I said in my other letter it went very well. I could write more now only I want you to get this tomorrow. The post goes at nine in five minutes time so Good night with

Best Love From Will. xx


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