Bandsman W Metcalfe, Band Room No 5, 52 Royal Sussex R, Googerat Barks, Colchester
Please don’t forget [swastika sign]

Dear Emmie.

Received your letter yesterday but did not have time to answer it. I thought I would not hurry it and leave out words, etc: We have an extra hour off this afternoon so I am answering it now. I am going to Officer’s Mess this evening to while away the time. I am sorry to hear such bad news from Russia. I should think it will tend to lengthen the war. I think we might be going as stretcher bearers later on. Of course I am not sure but that is the only “better job” he will be able to give us I think. I was going down town this evening to look for some badges and to post your piece of goss but officers mess has put the cap on it. They want me to play at Sergeant’s Mess tomorrow night but I think I will get “Des” to do it if he will. We have been going to get our extra pay every week since it came out only they havn’t started paying it us yet. I hear now that we are going to get it from the first of Jan 1918 but nothing is official. You say that the sun has been shining gloriously in London, well! it did here but it finished up with a hail storm. I did notice your long letter and I think it is unkind of you suggesting that I don’t appreciate your letters; I notice that your last was very curt and if I was to say “I do not mean to summise one little thing” what would you say? I think “Suspence” was very good and I only just guessed what it was coming to as I was nearing the end. I almost kicked myself when I read that your brother Will took you out: I never thought of him at all. I havn’t that wandering feeling tonight yet but I know what it is like. I will now close with

Very best Love From Will xx


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