Bandsman WM 46534, 52 Royal Sussex Regt, Colchester
Dear Emmie

Thanks for nice letter: I have not got it to hand so please excuse me if I forget any questions you might have asked. I am in the Christian Science rooms writing this and I feel so lonely. The Captain told us today that the Colonel is seeing about our six days leave. Let’s hope that he succeeds in doing somthing good. I have just been told that we are going firing again tomorrow Sun: I don’t care for that much, but I am going to get out of it if I can by playing the organ at church in the morning. I have just lit my pipe which is against the rules of C.S. and the lady comes in about every five minutes to see if “your nibs are alright” or if there is enough coal on the fire. I should think she comes in to see if we are up to any mischief or not. I went to the pictures this afternoon and they were not bad but they would have been twenty times better if I had you with me. I havn’t really got used to being away from you yet as before I feel home sick but with and “e” on this time. We have been issued with hat badges and I have had a look in the shops for a decent broach but have not seen one yet. There is perhaps one possibility of me being home for Christmas but I wouldn’t build any hopes on it if I were you. As I am at a loss to know what to write about I will conclude now but will write again soon. Pleases don’t tell me I write too often

With Best Love From Will xx


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