Bandsman W Metcalfe 46534, Band Room No 5, 52 Royal Sussex Regt, Googerat Barracks, Colchester
Dear Emmie

I am sorry to hear that you were not well on Monday, are you any better now, I hope so. The organ question is rather serious. Could you get Claude to put you right with the stops. It would be good practice for you to play the psalms on our harmonium at home. There is a psalter and tune book there. That would get you used to the gliding fingering of the organ. Where is the “Ideal Kineama!” and who did you go with? Our concert comes off tonight and I am just going to have a practice. We have a star comic coming, so I guess it will be a success. I have had the afternoon off for a band practice but have not done a stroke yet.

We have a kitten here and it keeps us all amused with its tricks. I suppose you will say “Little things” etc. I feel mighty hungry but have a long time to wait for tea. Our dinner consisted of 1 potato and 1 sausage. Our afters were promised for tea time but it is another thing if we get it.

Well, I don’t want to trouble you with the shortcomings of the army but I only hope you are better dear. With

Best Love

From Will xx


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