Bandsman W Metcalfe 46534, Colchester
Dear Emmie

Thanks for letter it seems ages since I wrote you last. So sorry you feel so bad but you know there is one who is always thinking of you. I suppose you have heard that H.Day has another girl, I would like to see her as I have seen most of the others. I dare say you know what he said to my cousin Grace. If you did not write to me for a fortnight I would think that something very serious had happened. C.G. said he got a reasonable excuse but of course did not tell me what it was, so it is all right now. As I think that most of the old proverbs are wrong I side with you in ans. to that question. The weather has been very hot here today, just like mid-summer. We have been firing for the last time and I have got a second class. We have had the weather very much against us.

As we didn’t have much for dinner we had for tea:- stewed meat, potatoes and parsnips and suet puds with jam for after, two slices of bread one lump of cake and one mug of tea. I cannot be surprised at having indigestion although I saved half of that for supper. Don’t forget to ask me that question. I have heard of the good news of D.Haig and I think there is more to come. The concert met with every success and I think there is another coming off in about a fortnights time. Well my dear I will have to “pack up” now

With Love

From Will xx


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