Bandsman W Metcalfe 46534, Colchester
Dearest Sweetheart

Thanks for nice letter; it cheered me up wonderfully as I have been down in the dumps again. I am not sorry to say that 2nd class in firing is not good and it is not bad. I didn’t want to be too good a shot. I heard of the joy bells ringing in London but I don’t uphold with it. I suppose it is really to keep the spirit of the people up. I am glad to hear the service went well. I went to “St Mary’s at the wall” Colchester; it was the best church service I have ever been to. They have a fine choir and a F.F.C.O. organist. I hope you enjoy yourself if you go to Leicester; I wish I could come with you; you don’t know how much I want you. Trust me for liking to get up every week, I am not lucky enough even to dream of it. I love the dear old army like the devil loves holy water. I would love to have your arm round my neck as long as you like but not to exhibit in a shop window. I think the psalms are the hardest part of the service to play but it all becomes easy with practice. I have had rather an eventful weekend; I did play the organ on Sunday morning and it went fairly well. On Saturday afternoon our company officer came over to the band room and said that he wanted us to sleep with the company. This we had to do but we have all refused to play in the band any more. We have always had trouble with this officer but I believe he is leaving us and it’s good luck too. There are thirteen of us in C. Company but I am not superstitious. Of course we did the trick as neatly as possible so we were not put in the Guard room for refusing point blank to go on parade. I think we will still keep in the band; at least I am keeping the same address. I am in the band room writing this letter it seems like heaven after the company room. When I said I was going to church Sunday evening it nearly took their breath away.

I am on a special bombing course this week; we are doing a ten days course in five days and we will have a lot of writing to do this week. I couldn’t write anything this evening as we haven’t any books yet. This course is very interesting, all to do with explosives and the officer handles bombs as if he is a conjuror with balls. Well, my dear I have written a little longer letter and I hope I get time to write again this week; at all events I will write you a short line no matter how much bombing I have to write about. The weather is very cold here today. The puddles in the road are frozen over and it is snowing now. I think we are being given another blanket this week to sleep on at least I hope so. It was only Saturday that the sun was shining bright and giving out a lot of heat for November.

Des: fell out with the cold this morning and got light duty all day and I dare say he will go sick tomorrow. Well my regina angelorum I will close now.

With affect: Love

From Will xx


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