Bandsman W Metcalfe 46534, 52 Royal Sussex Regt, Colchester
Dear Emmie

Thanks for the letter; I wondered what could have happened not getting one yesterday. I posted one to you Tuesday evening in the canteen pillar-box and I suppose it was not cleared until the next day. I will not post one there again. That was C.Gibbs’ writing on the envelope; I guessed you would wonder who it was from. You had a very narrow squeak with that bomb; how is it that no one was hurt. I quite remember that cutting now but I did not leave it in the envelope and I forgot it when I wrote you. I thought it was good so I handed it round to the boys. See how you help to keep the spirit of the Army up. I am glad to hear that you are getting on alright with the piano; I am shure you will pass me and I will have to ask you to teach me when I come home. I am also very glad to hear that Bert is getting on well. What hopes are centered in that word! “Someday”; can you remember when you used to play that for my prospective Queen when I was Prince. If you had been Cinderella I might have been able to act my part more naturally. You know that we were supposed to play out last Thursday, well on Wednesday evening Drum major came in and said that there was a special Officers’ Mess night the next night so the orchestra could not turn out. Well we divided it in half and took the best half and were able to give the concert after all. We had to do something because all the programmes and bills had been printed. You left something out of your last letter; can you remember what it was? For a wonder I have taken to cigs: again; I suppose it is because I have nothing else to do. I will close now as I am going to get some soup for supper so Good Night dearest

With Much Love

From Will xx

PS. One original joke.

Schoolmaster. Where do you get glass from?

Pupil. It grows on the tops of walls.


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