Bandsman W Metcalfe 46534, Colchester
Dear Emmie

Thanks very much for letter; it was a change getting one on Monday. I am sorry to hear you have hurt your finger and I hope that by the time you receive this it will be better. Last night I had a good time at a clergyman’s house. I think I should say yesterday because I had dinner and tea there. We had a very wet day yesterday so there was no church-parade; but I went to another church where C.G. goes and played on the organ there and also went home with the vicar. For all the good times in the army that I am ever likely to get; would give it all for just one evening with you. Whose christmas party are you going to. I hope you will enjoy yourself as good as circumstances will allow. You have guessed right as to what you left out of your last letter. Have you heard any more of Will Sharp. I hope he hasn’t been wounded.

Rathing strange thing: I played the Rosary yesterday evening on an old piano; perhaps it was me you heard playing. I hear that we are going out on a four days stunt some time next week so I suppose my address will be No.1 Open Air and we will have to sleep in the nice green fields. I heard that our first draught goes out on the v23rd inst they might let them see christmas in England. The other day just as I woke up I thought I could hear Dad getting the breakfast ready down stairs but as I opened my eyes I beheld the barrack room. One disappointment. I will now close

With Fondest Love to my darling




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