Bandsman W Metcalfe 46534, Band Room No 5, 52nd Royal Sussex Regt, Googerat Barracks, Colchester
Dear Emmie

Yours to hand; did you miss that letter Monday morning? or didn’t you expect one. I am sorry that you are still ill in bed with your finger, it would be no use me getting leave if I could not hold that dainty little hand of yours, would it? I hope it is not poisoned. Thank you very much for those cigg’s I had just run out. It is A Company that is for draught first and now they are going after Christmas. They have not had their leave yet and they think they are going to France. No doubt we will be wanted soon now that the Germans are reinforced from the eastern front. It was Church of England where I went last Sunday but very high church. They have a much more musical service there than at our place. C.G. burnt some insence at his (the clergyman’s) house. I am mess orderly today and tomorrow and I miss a route march so I don’t mind. I don’t suppose a bomb will drop over the granary again and I dare say it is the safest place to go to. I hope W. Sharp, hasn’t been gassed if so I hope he gets over it alright. I have not read of that fund you speak about but the men at the front deserve anything. I read that verse in Ruth and what is the prophecying you are going to do. I hope you enjoy yourself Saturday at the Taming of the Shrew and I wish I was going with you. Does Mr C. look any happier now that he has done the trick I think I would take a stern hand if I was him. How long has he known her not long is it? I have had a hard day today right from 6.30AM to 8p.m. I think I will knock off early tomorrow evening if possible. Well my love the time is getting on so will conclude and get to bed.

Best love, to the light of my life so far away but always in thought

Yours Ever Will xxx (Real ones).


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