Bandsman W M 46534, Royal Sussex Regt, Colchester
Dear Emmie

Yours to hand. I am glad to hear that you were not actually right in bed with your finger I come to the conclusion that it must have been your left hand that you damaged. Am I right? I rubbed the eppidermis off my finger the other day and it has been rather painful but I could not get excused duty for it. I do not feel up to the mark myself tonight I think I must have a cold. I am really surprised to hear that Islington went through it so much in the last raid. I thought they weren’t coming over our way at all. Nobody wrote and told me anything about it. I think I shall be able to say that verse by the time I come home I nearly know it off by heart now. I cannot understand what you mean by “a big door key, you and I”. You don’t know how I can take a stern hand when I like I would loose all sense of ticklisment. I have not been tickled for such a long time chat I almost forget what it’s like. I will have to sample some next time I get a chance. We went trench digging this morning and had some fun in throwing the dirt over each other. I never thought I would live to be a navvy. I think this is as long as I can make this billet as there is nothing extraordinary happening lately. What does “billet” mean? I have an idea I know. Does it mean a brief note? Well my dear I will now close wishing you a “good night”.

With Love

From Yours Ever

Will xx


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