Bandsman W Metcalfe 46534, 52 Royal Sussex Regt, Colchester
Dear Emmie

Thanks for letter received this afternoon. I am glad to hear you enjoyed yourself Sat. evening, did you go by yourself. I did not know that I hadn’t written home for such a long time but I will directly I have finished this. I don’t suppose I will be getting leave for about four weeks after Christmas. We have not heard any more of that four days out but I know it won’t be before Christmas. I am glad to say my cold has worked off thank you, we are having very cold weather lately all our parade ground was covered with ice this morning. It has been snowing today again. I would like to hear M. Gibson preach it would make a great change. Fancy it being in the mag. about me cleaning the stoke hole out, I only lit a fire. We are going to have a good spread double rations I think. We are having roast pork and roast beef for Christmas dinner and we are buying nuts and cigarettes in bulk so as they can be served out to us all at once. I dare say I will spend my Christmas at Mr Bare’s that is the clergyman. I was going to have my photo taken for you but my locks are not quite long enough yet. Those two R.S. boys must be out of my company one of them used to work at Child’s the boot repairer. I have not done any drill today I have been on fatigue making a firing point. I have to be very careful now if I am two minutes late on tea parade they will take my name for a hard fatigue.

I will close now hoping that you enjoy you Christmas as good as poss under the circs

With Best Love From your ever loving boy Will xx


P.S Please could you get me Harold Way’s address before Christmas.


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