Bandsman W Metcalfe, Colchester
Dear Emmie

I am sorry to say that I have another disappointment for you. I went all round Colchester tonight but could not get a Sussex brooch badge anywhere. There were plenty of a sort but not the kind you would have liked.

I have bought you this little brooch for a Xmas present and when I can get the badge you shall have it with all haste. I would like your real opinion of it (this brooch) and I hope you like it. I would like you to wear it on Christmas day for the first time. Write and tell me if you are very disappointed; I tried to get the other at my first opportunity but everywhere was sold out.

I am sorry to hear so much damage has been caused. Do you think it is safe down the tube; do many people go there now as they used to. I always like to hear the news detailed especially about air raids; you don’t know how I feel after a raid if you letter happens to be a post late. You are the only one I rely on for news and it seems to formal to say “thank you” every time you let me know special news.

I would most certainly like to read that book. I don’t suppose there is much chance of me seeing it, the play. I do not think that you are a grumbler but I do think that you misjudge me sometimes. I think that Mabel is very lucky winning that money but I don’t suppose she will win anymore for years it is mearly luck. If I think of you every minute of Christmas day I don’t think it would be very much out of the ordinary. I am more often than not thinking of you while I am awake but worse luck I don’t very often dream of you while I am asleep. I put in while “I am asleep” because I do dream of you while I am awake, understand? I know that my eight weeks is up this week but I think it will be quite another four weeks before my turn comes next. I think it impossible to let you have a letter on Xmas morn but nevertheless I will try. I now conclude

With Best Love

From Will xx


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