Bandsman W Metcalfe, Band Room No 5, 52 Royal Sussex, Googerat Brrks, Colchester
Dearest Emmie

In answer to yours of the 22nd inst. I am sorry to have such a letter from you, I did not know I had kept you waiting so long for a letter but I know I was wondering when I was going to get one from you after the raid: I could not understand it. It hurts me very much to think that you doubt my love for you and as for not being anxious to see you I’d give all I have (8½d in coppers) to get leave.

Putting jokes on one side, in my next letter I may be able to tell you when I am getting a weekend and if I am getting one I dare say it will be next Friday week. I don’t want you to build high hopes on this but it is possible that it may happen. Please will you thank your mother for the pudding, I have sampled it and it is very nice. Thank you also for the Christmas card. I liked the words of that piece of poetry but I wish you had put “I’ve” instead of “We’ve” still the same warm heart-.

You are the only one who has written to me this Christmas and I have not heard a word from home for about a week; they are always keeping me without news; if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t know if they were alive after the raids. Please tell them I am stull waiting to hear if they are alright after the last raid. I might be writing myself but it makes me feel as if I would give up writing at all. I am playing the organ tomorrow morn, Christmas day and the band is playing the hymns in Church. Thank you very much for the tobacco pouch I like it very much. I do wish you knew how much I love you I cannot help thinking of that question. Never mind when the war is over perhaps I will always be able to be with you.

Best Love

From Will


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