Bandsman W Metcalfe 46534, Colchester
Dearest Emmie

In answer to yours of the 23rd inst. I wrote an answer to your Sat. morning letter but I forger whether I posted it or not: at least I cannot find it so I suppose by this time you have it. I have been working a lot on the piano this Christmas but I am being paid for it by a week end leave from the 4th Jan to the 8th noon. I played the organ at church yesterday morning, played at a concert from 4 to 6pm. and at sergeant’s mess from 7 till 12 o’cl: I am playing the fiddle tonight at sergeants’ mess at a dance. If I hadn’t have taken up the fiddle in the nick of time I don’t suppose I would have been entitled to this leave. Could you get the Sat. morn and Mon. off and Tuesday iff poss. I know it is rather a lot after Christmas but have you more help at the office now. I am sorry I could not get Christmas leave but now we have it to look forward to. I hope you have had a pleasant time under the circs and I would like to hear detailed how you spent your time. I went to early communion with C.G. yesterday morn and was invited to a clergyman’s house to tea but could not accept it. I have not had even a card from home only a card via home from Mr Newman but I suppose I must write them a line and thank them for the parcel they didn’t send me which must have been lost in the post. I am glad you like the brooch thank you very much for the pouch; if you received that other letter I think that I thanked you before. I don’t suppose you will suffer many tears or any more than you would have done without pearls. It is very Christmasified here with the snow about four inches thick on the ground.

I hope you had no trouble with air raids last night but the boys say that they heard the coast defence guns firing. Well my love I have no more to write in this letter hoping to see you soon

I remain

Yours Ever

Love Will xxx


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