Bandsman W M. 46534, Colchester
Dear Emmie

This time last night I was thinking of coming back to Colchester much to my regret. I couldn’t eat much today I didn’t seem to have the appetite. C.G. was very upset on coming back this is his first leave since his four days. All six days leave has been stopped now so I must consider myself lucky. When I have finished writing this letter I will not know what to do with myself. The rumour is, that we are to be shifted to St Albans I hope it is true but I doubt it. Perhaps I could then see you more often. I can not bare to think that you are so lonely in London, but pray that I may have a quick return to you and you will make me feel a little happier. We went on a route march this morning and I have been at orchestra practice this afternoon but I would give up ever playing another note again to be back with you for good. The job that I was coming back to finished up yesterday so I suppose I will have to go on parade tomorrow and do some drill. Well my love I will close hoping to write more next time and hear from you soon.

With Very Best Love

From Your Will xxxx



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