Bandsman W Metcalfe, Colchester
Dearest Emmie

I havn’t your letter to hand so you must excuse me if I forget to answer questions you may have asked. I havn’t settled down again yet after that leave; I am quite home sick. I played the organ at church this morning and had dinner out; I am getting tired of army life and will not be able to express my joy when I come back to you for good. I have one consolation knowing that you pray for me night and day; but if anything was to happen to me you know you must always pray “Thy will be done”. I am going to Mr Behr’s to tea this afternoon; it all helps to while away the time. I hope we get someone at the Mission who will liven things up a bit I don’t think I would like to leave it although it is such a small place. A new system of leave has started so I don’t suppose I will see London for a couple of months. If the weather improves you will have to come down one Sunday because our first draught goes away next Sunday and I dare say my next leave will be final. I have a presentament that I will not be out there very long and I hope I am right. I do not want to depress you with all this talk so i will change the subject. I went to see East Lyn last night and it wasn’t bad for a small town I have never read the book but I think the play must have been cut short. I was on “coal fatigue” yesterday afternoon whereas I generally go to the pictures but half way through it I dodged it with C.G. and I don’t think anyone was wiser. Our Company has been issued with gloves but I havn’t got mine yet. The boys were also issued with identification discs while I was on leave so I have one or two more articles to come to complete my kit. Have you read Proverbs 31, 10th – 31st verse about “Lemuel’s praise of a good wife”. Verses 29 & 30 is my little message to you. Well my love I will now end my epistle.

With Much Love

From Yours Ever Will xxx


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