Dear Emmie

I am very sorry my letter made you so sad but I will have to take my chance the same as everybody else does. I know how you must feel, I get very despondent sometimes myself. Cheer up! There’s a good time coming. I went to see East Lynn because there was nothing else to do not to cheer me up. It wasn’t played very well so it did not touch me right to the heart. I hope you get on well with your Esperanto and “Miozot” [?] and I know you will do that. I was told by C.G. to read that Chapter of Prov: and as I thought it was alright I recomended it for you to read; I thought those two verses were the best so I chose them especially. I havn’t time now to explain them because I am playing with the Orchestra this evening. I havn’t even time to get a hair cut. The boys who havn’t had leave for six months are being picked out first and of course that is only fair. I hope this letter makes you feel brighter although it is scribbled. I had not really time to write this but I know I have wronged you in the past by putting you off for other things. I hope you understand my meaning. I nearly got into trouble last night for being out without a late pass but I have one tonight and all the week for we have a long job on again. We are not going to play the band on route marches any more because we have to get used to full pack we are only going out with the band on church parades now. I must conclude now as time presses

With Love

Yours Ever Will xx   real ones


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