Dear Emmie

We are having some very exciting times of late, this morning we had to get full marching order ready and we have been standing by all day. I think we are going somewhere by train tonight. We are taking a blanket each with us. I will have my photo’ taken next week if possible I am afraid it is imposs this week. I have heard of “Brewster’s Milliions” I think it is a sketch is it? I hope you enjoy “The Boy” on Sat, I wish I were coming with you. I went out with the band on the last route march but that is the last time; I and all the other band boys have got to do exactly the same as the others now but we can play in the band on Church Parades Sundays. That is a very good joke about chewing Chin Chon. It made the boys laugh. The snow is very thick here and we had a snow fight with another company this afternoon and beat them back every time.

Tea Time

Tea is finished we had kippers and I could hear them at a good distance. I have settled down a little bit now but I am not over happy. I havn’t drawn my gloves yet but what I have seen of them they are not of very good quality. C.G. had a hole in his 2nd. day he wore them. I know you do want me to write even if I have not much time and you can’t say you don’t can you dear? I went out yesterday afternoon to an “At Home” at a Baptist Church where Desmond is organist and had a fairly good time. Free tea etc. The paper I am enclosing is a game. All these sentences are written down as one paragraugh with no punctuations and somebody who has not seen it before has to read it right through putting in their own punctuation getting a rather disasterous result, such as: “From th frying pan into the fire you put the baby”. The winner only made two mistakes. I went in a hat trimming competition and came third. Well my dear I fear I must conclude hoping we get to bed tonight and that this stunt is washed out. We are supposed to be going somewhere to calm some strikes this is a lively life

Good Night

With Best Love From Will xx


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