Dear Emmie

This affair which has confined us to barracks since last Wednesday is not a general mobilisation as we all thought but I think we are standing by in case the munition workers come out on strike. I find it is only our battalion and one other that is standing by and I think it will last up till next Tuesday or Wed. and in the meantime we are not allowed in town. Emmie dear I do not want your heart to freez it sounds too tragic. We have about six or seven inches of snow and after that it poured of rain so you can guess we had some mud. How did “The Boy” go off I hope you enjoyed it. They have one or two concerts every month at the Baptist Church. They always seem more friendly people than C of E. You know you are never a nuisance to me I cannot understand you writing like that. I do not know who the Jenny Wrens are, one of the boys suggested that they were some kind of foul. By mentioning that verse I did not insinuate that you were deceitful or vain because I know you are not. I was only looking at the latter part of the verse. It only means that there is often a tough bird under fine feathers. I played the organ at church this morning and the cornet with the band on the parade ground and we are giving “A” company a tune before they entrain for France tonight. I think we are playing them away to the station this evening.

I hope you got more than tripe for your dinner today we had some meat but it wasn’t very tasty. I feel very hungry lately I never seem to have has enough to eat. I played the piano for a sergeants dance the other night and we had a fine supper (the main feature). Well my “Little bit of Sunshine” I will be packing now.

With Fondest Love

From Yours Ever

Will xxx


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