Bandsman W Metcalfe 46534, Colchester
Dear Emmie

I am now sitting up in bed writing this letter before the lights go out. We have had a very hard day today and marched over fifteen miles just to fire five shots. I saw a proof of the photos I have had taken and I dare say you will be able to have one if you come on Sunday. We had breakfast at 6.15. this morning and only had one biscuit and a piece of cheese up till 5 o’clock this evening and then we had too much. Dinner and Tea combined. I heard of the raid quite early last night and all our lights went out. I am glad to hear you are still safe after the raid you know my prayers are always for you. I suppose you get quite used to them now. The photo makes me very fat; I think I will have to take antipon or eat less. I don’t see how I am getting so fat on Army food. Well my Love I must conclude now

With Love From Yours Ever Will.


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