Bandsman W Metcalfe 46534, Colchester, Essex
Dear Emmie

Yours to hand of 31st ult. I am sorry to hear that you are not well. If you come on Sunday I don’t suppose I could get to the station until 10.45 but if the train is a few minutes late you won’t have to wait at all. We come out of Church about 10.30. Do not come if you are not well enough only I have got off Sunday especially as you are coming because I have three days C.B. for being late on parade. We have had a few misty mornings lately and the weather is a little bit colder but it has been like spring. I do not know where we are being moved to but I hear we are not going for three of four weeks now. If you do not arrive by the 10.39. train I will know that you are not coming. I hope to hear from you because I dare say I will be invited out to tea with you. I will now conclude as it is nearly time for parade and I don’t suppose I will have time tonight when I will be answering “Defaulters” and doing fatigues or extra drill.

With Love

From Will xx


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