Lion Walk Soldiers’ Club, Colchester
Dear Emmie

Yours of yesterday to hand; it does not matter what kind of paper you write on as long as I hear plenty from you. I am feeling a little better thank you except in the feet; I have the wrong pair of boots back from the snob’s: eights instead of sixes so I will have to get them changed. I am glad to hear that G. Todd is getting on alright I thought he would, it is easy enough if he likes it. I don’t think I will find it too tame when I come home it is a bit too wild for me here. We are going to Cromer next week I think; it is official this time because I have seen labels printed for our luggage Kit bags.etc. I still think that platonic friendship is possible but it is very seldom met with; I think it leads on to what is called calf love, sometimes. We are being billeted in empty houses when we get to Cromer and I think that all the band will be together again. We practiced the way to get into the train this afternoon, one silly idea I think. It rained here this morning so we didn’t go out otherwise we would have had a very hard day. I will have to pack up now as I cannot think of any more to write

With Fondest Love

From Yours Ever Will xx


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