Bandsman W Metcalfe 46534, Band Room No 5, 52nd. Royal Sussex Regt, Googerat Barracks, Colchester
Dearest Emmie

Thanks for nice long letter received this afternoon. You say you will not answer this if it is not long well, I would not like to disappoint my dear little girl, but at present I cannot think of much. I am glad to say that I have worked a new pair of boots off the sergeant snob so now I stand pretty firm on my feet. Although I will be farther away from you at Cromer I don’t think I will forget you, but of course the inevitable happens at times. I hope Cromer is a nice place, but I have heard quite the opposite. Some of “B” Company boys are on their final leave and I think they go out some time in March. I don’t suppose I will see much summer by the sea side. Of course if I was there when you had your holliday it would be tres bon! I think working on the railway is quite enough Government work and you would do better by taking a rest for your holiday. I am very sorry to hear of Mr Bryce’s death now we will have to find a new doctor. I would rather that you didn’t find a beau in platonic friendship but of course as somebody said before, you have a “will” of your own, is that not so? I am glad to hear that Bert has joined the C.L.B. but I don’t advise anyone to join the regulars. I have not heard much of a big affair in the spring, what is it about. You know there was going to be a big push last year but I don’t think it came off. I hope you get sufficient to eat when you are rationed I would not like to think that you were having to go short. I would like you to come down next Sunday if I am still here; we expect to be moving this week though, so I will have to let you know as soon as poss for certain. The weather was not unsettled hear when I asked you before although it was in London. I think you have known me long enough to suggest almost anything to me now I don’t know why you are so formal, you don’t like me to be. I am glad to hear everybody is satisfied with the Rev. Ferdedado? or whatever you call him. Well my dear I will have to close now with

Best Love

From Yours Ever Will. xxx


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