Bandsman W Metcalfe 46534, Colchester
Dear Emmie

You don’t say what you would never have done if that letter had been any shorter; but I know you would have written. You was not scared then when the mouse appeared in the office, I should say it is a rather funny sensation to have a mouse running up ones leg. (I mean the clerk’s) I guess you will be passing me if you are tackling Prelude; you will have to give me a few lessons when I come home I am very sorry in appearing to have forgotten your Mother for so long and I hope she is still enjoying the best of health. Don’t forget to tell her how sorry I am. We put our identification discs where we like they are only made of lead. I know what the “inevitable” means but I think I used the wrong frase there I meant the unexpected happens at times. What shall I call you when I mean to be serious What have you been doing with the organ, have you been dancing on the peddles. If you were going with some of the girls, you knew such as Eva or Maude I wouldn’t mind you going; but then you don’t want to work on a holiday. I have not done any work all day today dodging it as usual and I am going to try to get a light job tomorrow. You do not say wether you think of coming on Sunday or not. Our transport went to Cromer today and I shouldn’t be surprised to move off at any moment from now. I hope the war does come to an end pretty soon some people seem to think it will. I do not think you are too formal and I know you are not forward, you are just as I like you Emmie dear

I will conclude now

With Fondest Love

From Yours Ever Will. xxx


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