Bandsman W Metcalfe 46534, Band House, 52 Royal Sussex Regt., Cromer
Dearest Emmie

No doubt by this time you will be thinking that I have forgotten all about you, well this last two or three days we have been upsidedown. (I am sitting on the floor writing this.) We moved very early Monday morning and were C.B. Sunday except for Church Parade. We had dinner yesterday in a church hall but our proper mess room is the dining room of Marlborough Hotel. It is a shame the way these places have been knocked about by the troops. Last night we slept on the floor boards with one blanket each and no fire in the room so you can guess what it was like. I hope that by this evening we get some more blankets. There is a fine looking church here but I think it is “Low church” I don’t suppose I will be able to play the organ here but time will prove. We are back with the rest of the band now and our house in peace time is called “Russle House” There are no lights here of a night so we have to provide ourselves with candles. Opposite our window is a room in which there is a piano; so near and yet so far. There are six in the the room I am in, and we have a picture galary on the walls in which you have a place. This is not such a lively place as Colchester but there is a skating rink on the pier which is open three nights per week and I dare say we will spend some good times there. We can see the sea from our window and can hear it roaring in the nights when all is quiet. It seems quite a long time since I heard from you so write something nice won’t you. Well my Love I have to close now

With Fondest Love

From Will. xx


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