Bandsman W Metcalfe 46534, Band House, 52nd. Royal Sussex R., Cromer
Dear Emmie

Thanks for letter, but I am sorry you are in such a bad mood. No doubt you will be surprised when I tell you that I didn’t know anything about air raids until a few hours before I received your letter. We get no London newspapers down here and I tried to buy one yesterday (a local paper) but they were all ordered. You know I would have written had I known so perhaps you will cheer up a wee bit when you know the rights. How was you nearly crushed, by a crowd I presume. I am sorry to hear there has been so much damage done. You know I always pray for your safekeeping. We have a very select six in our room and we say our prayers together at night. We have to be in our rooms by 9 o’cl at night and lights out is at 9.30. There is a wreck on the beach which has been blown in half by a mine. We got a lot of coal this afternoon so now we have a nice fire. I wish we were going to be here in the Summer that would be alright, but I hear we are only to be here for six weeks and then we are being sent to the worst camp in England but I hope not. Thanks for the Mag: I would like it every month just to know how things are going. Thanks for the stamps they will come in handy. I dreamt of you last night, a nice dream too, but I wish I was with you and it would much nicer. Well my dear I will conclude now

With Love

From Will.


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