Bandsman W Metcalfe 46534, Band House, 52 Royal Sussex, Cromer
Dear Emmie

Thanks for letter it was a bit better than the last one. Somehow I knew that you would guess I hadn’t heard of the raids, have you had any more yet. I don’t think that you usually leap before you look because I know that you are in no way narrow minded and that is one little point that I like about you. We are having fine weather here lately and it is nice walking along the cliffs in the moonlight the only thing I miss is you. I havn’t seen any “vio's” yet but if I do I will not forget you. I have an idea that I have seen Alma house somewhere so I look out and let you know. Who is it you know down here? (excuse me asking, your other boy perchance. I hope you get enough to eat when you are rationed, there seems to be plenty of meat in the shops down here. Last night I had a kipper for supper bought it and cooked it all by myself. I can’t tell you exactly what that dream was all about but you were in it so therefore it was nice. We are supposed to be moving to Keelem camp or something like that. at any rate it was condemned for German soldiers (prisoners). You know you will see me before I leave England because I have not had my final six days leave yet. I am glad to hear that you get on the organ frequently:  I went to Cromer parish Church this morning to the parade service and there is a four manuel organ with electric push stops there. e.g. instead of pulling the stops out by hand you just press the button and out pops the stop. – I have just finished tea but I have done a lot since I left this letter. We played on the pier this afternoon and the place was full. I think we get something for it. There is a Scotch regiment down here and the men still have that enmity which they had years ago. They say they are going to smash our lot up but I think they will find they are tackling a hard job. I nearly got into a scrape with about a dozen of them who were drunk but by a little bit of diplomacy we shook hands and parted good friends. I am now going to get ready for church so I will be closing this epistle.

With Fondest Love

From Yours Ever Will xxx

PS. There were 1,300 people on the pier this afternoon which is a record. One up for the Sussex.

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