Bandsman W Metcalfe 46534, The Band House, 52 Royal Sussex Regt, Cromer
Dear Emmie

I haven’t yet received a letter from you today so I am writing in advance. We have had a hard day today, walking through swamps and lying down in them. One boy was covered with thick mud right up to his shoulders and then had to drill like it afterwards. We are playing at the Y.M.C.A. this evening, the people here like our music very much and it is the talk of the town. We were wakened from our sleep yesterday morning by two loud reports which at first I thought were antiaircraft guns but it turned out to be rockets fired from a vessel in distress as there was a very rough sea at the time. I do not know if any people were drowned or not but those saved were taken into Yarmouth harbour and the life-boat was just being put into the shed.

-  Interval for tea -

Yours to hand just received; I am finishing this letter by candle light. You must be getting on well with the piano if you are on Chopin’s Valses; I am becoming very envious I think, I will have to have some more lessons when I come home. I am sorry to hear the organ is in such a bad condition the best thing to do is to start an organ fund I think, it ought to be well patronised. One meets with so many doubtful characters in the army, I was simply sitting on the pier when they tried to make trouble but it did not come off so all’s well that ends well. I don’t suppose I will see you before the final and I don’t suppose that will be long now. “B” Company goes out next week. I heard of a man in France who would not have leave because he didn’t like the going back part; but I am different to that you know if I got a chance I would spring to it as a drowning man clings to a straw. I do not mind you asking “when I am coming home” I only wish I could give you an answer that would please you. I am sorry to have to “pack up” now but I have to wash and dress in a quarter of an hour for this affair tonight. I get ready a little quicker now than I used to.

I remain

Yours Ever

Fondest Love

From Will xx


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