(“Same as before”)
Dearest Emmie

I hope you have received my last letter by now. I posted it as usual the same night as I received yours. We played at a Scotch concert last night and it is Officers’ Mess tonight. It is much nicer being with the band because we can have quiet feeds of a night whereas no food is allowed in the billets in the boy’s. One of our first violinists went as a first-aid man with some bombers and he was hit in the eye with a piece of bomb and it is feared he will lose the sight of it. He has done his bit in France without being hit so is very unlucky. He had to instruct the other men how to bandage him up; it must have wanted some “grit”. I would get as much practice on the piano as I could if I were you, I often wish I could play much better, as I hope to “some day”. I was told off last night for being late for the orchestra so I do not lose my old style much. I was told by the sergeant major that I would never make a soldier; well he is an old hand and I wouldn’t like to serve the years he has. I am in No.2 Com’y. C Coy. 6 platoon. recognised as very smart of course. I would very much like you to send me a weekly paper as they are almost imposs to obtain here; I haven’t heard any news for a fortnight. It was so windy this morning that it blew me over and I want some capsizing. Well my Dear I will now conclude

With Love

From Yours Ever

Will. xxx


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