Dear Emmie

I am very sorry to have put you out so, but my leave was stopped this morning. I was quite ready, had had an early breakfast and was feeling as if I was at home when I found that I was unlucky as my pass had not been put in. You can imagine my disappointment. As I am writing this the boys are marching off to the station. I hope you will be able to cancel the week you have got off because next week is holiday week and you will have one or two days given you then. I have a good piece of news and that is, I don’t think that this is my last leave, most likely it is but I am going to try to get another one to bring my cornet home because I will leave it behind. I would write more now only I don’t feel up to it. I will now conclude hoping that I am not disappointed next week.

With most affect. Love

From Your

Will xxxx


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