Bandsman W Metcalfe
Dear Emmie

I am now sitting in my billit where I might have been at 16 Tiber St in the arm chair with you on my knee. Oh! the thought of it makes me say xyz the army. Never mind my leave is to come and I expect to be home any time next week except Monday. The band is on a tank “stunt” for a week beginning April 1st 18 and I believe the drum major wants to take me. At that rate I should be home Tuesday and return Sunday. There is one thing I have my leave to come and then perhaps one after that for to bring my instrument home. I have heard some bad news from the Front I hope it is not too serious. The band played at the brigade sports yesterday and had a race. As usual the man with the big drum won as he has a start in front of the others.

It is a glorious day today and we are playing on the pier this afternoon. It is such a nice day that it ought to be a record for takings on the pier. I have about 10/- to come for last week so I will be rich when I come home. How long was you away from the office or did you get to work Friday morning. I received your telegram in record time; about 2.30 or rather 14.30 army time. I missed my breakfast this morning through waking up at 7 o’cl summer time. Had it have been ordinary time it would have been 6 o’cl or 06.00 army time. Well my dear I will conclude now hoping to see you soon.

With most affect Love

From Your Will xx


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