No 1 Open Air
Dear Emmie,

You see I have no fixed abode yet; I dare say you have my other letter by now; I was told we were not allowed to write in ink but now I know different. We have done nothing today except eat and sleep and I think we were quite entitled to the rest as we never had any for about 48 hours. It did not seem like Sunday yesterday especially Easter and it doesn’t seem like Bank Holiday Monday today.

We are at a very big base now and expect to move tomorrow, We are about 60 miles from the front but we cannot hear any firing. I have soon used myself to French money. I thought there was more in it than there really is. I sent a card to Harold Day today and I am writing to Mabel at Bowes Park after this. If you do not hear from me for a day or two sometimes you must not worry but of course it will not be my fault. I believe F. Champ’s lot is over here but I have not seen him yet; I have seen one or two boys that I know. I am wanting a letter from you very much so I will try to get some address for you. I don’t think there is much more to write at present so will conclude

With Best Love

From Yours



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