Somewhere in France
Dear Emmie

We crossed the pond yesterday and I was not seasick, over 50% of the boys were though. I have no address yet but will let you know it as soon as I get one. We are under canvas arrived here about midnight so you can guess what it was like getting in, in the dark. What food we have had has been very good and the bread is whiter than I can ever remember it being. There is not much to write about yet but I dare say there will be soon. I am sorry we moved from Cromer so quickly as I was not able to go to church Sunday morning. We had a train ride yesterday and went about 12 miles in an hour and a half. The weather is just nice not too cold. I will write again soon.

With Best Love

From Yours Ever

Will xx

P.S. I don’t think we are allowed to write in ink.


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