Pte W Metcalfe 19013, Stretcher Bearer, 9th R.S.Rt. etc.
Dearest Emmie

I am very sorry to hear that Mr Hunt has “gone under” he was such a jolly little man and witty too. I wrote to H.W. the first week I was out here but of course I gave him no address so I have not heard from him. I haven’t heard anything of the “New Man Power Bill” in fact I don’t know how the war is going on; of course I know there is one because we can hear the pea-shooters going off. I would like you to send me a weekly paper and then I might know what’s what. I don’t want to see your Dad called up; of course it would only be for labour duties wouldn’t it? I am glad to hear Bert likes the C.L.Brigade of course it is alright as long as he doesn’t get the military spirit in him it doesn’t seem to do much good to most men. I am not having a rough time in fact it feels rather cushy on the straw. We have “organised games” every afternoon for 1½ hrs and it is good fun and exercise. We have games so that everybody is doing his bit and nobody is idle. The main games this afternoon were “punch ball” and “Tug O’ War”; the former we won by 1-0 and the latter we lost by two pulls against three. I have not forgotten your friend he wrote today but he missed the post. I have just been told that there was a collection. I am very surprised that W.A. has to join up; what is he going in? he has been rejected umpteen times. He always had a dislike for the latest fashion but I have no doubt he will make a good soldier as far as smartness goes, he knows all his drills. I suppose W.L. never goes in the Mission now. I would like to see him called up only because I don’t think his C.O. grounds are genuine: I always like to see a proper C.O. get his way.

I am sorry to hear that the bread at home is so bad; we get good bread but little of it. Anything that you would like to send me that is not rationed I will accept with the greatest of pleasure but I don’t want you to send me rationed goods. I meant you to understand that cigarettes were very cheap and easy to get and I don’t know how you read it the other way.

I must close now as my pen is running out.

With Love

From Will xx


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