Dear Emmie

I have only a few minutes to spare now before going on parade; I hadn’t time to write last night as we all had to go to a concert and arrived back about 9.15pm. It was not so bad as I expected it would be; there was one good turn a Celo solo and obligato to two songs one of wich was “Un peu d’amour”. Three of the boys were dressed as girls and the dresses and make up were very good. I won’t see much of C.G. now as he is in another Regt. “R.W.K.” I will keep up correspondence with him; he is in the same Brigade as me.

Thanks for mag & programme, I didn’t know one of the songs I must be getting behind the times. I don’t get much practice for singing or playing now; singing of the march does more harm than good to ones voice. I will write another letter this afternoon so will conclude now to catch the post.

With Love

From Will xx


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