Dear Emmie

At last I have an hour to sit and write undisturbed. I have a green envelope and I think I can write anything except tell you where I am. I write you a short letter this morning as I hadn’t time last night. I am now going to answer a part of your letter of the 12th inst. You speak about the W.a.a.c.s and the Wrens again. You say you would have no fear by my side; perhaps not but then France is a big place and it is a 100-1 that I would not see you.

I sent you a silk card last Thursday week for your birthday you don’t say whether you have received it or not. I hope Mr Chapman’s concert goes off well especially at the piano. Yours just received of the 20th inst. I am sorry to hear that you are so lonely and only wish that I be with you but as the colonel told us the other day “There is a war on.” You say this is the seventh letter you have written me without hearing from me. It is the same in every case here I think that the letters must have been delayed while we were moving at any rate I hope you have received one by now. I know what it is like to see the postman go by without getting a letter and I am sorry that you haven’t heard from me yet. You know I would write every day if I had the opportunity and I hope you won’t be cross if I miss a day or perhaps two. You know it matters a lot now in what expression you write as you only can keep my spirits up. We have a shower now and again but otherwise the weather is very good. I dare say your uncle Newman likes Leeds better than France. He is lucky. I am supposed to be passed out in first aid and stretcher bearing now but I still use my rifle. I have a white band with S.B. in red on it on my left arm. K.T. was engaged once before wasn’t she? I am surprised at Miss Saxton though but these things will happen though. I have received those little violets and they are now in my note book. I will let you see them when I come home. I don’t suppose the GNR will be closing down will it? If you go and join up perhaps it will have to though. I would like to know when you had the last air raid. I pray every night that you will be kept safe from all air raids and I don’t doubt that you will.  It is not a very good sight to see people walking along the roads with as much of their homes with them as poss who are evacuating one of the towns here. It makes the men fight so as such a thing will never happen in England. Well my dear I will now close with best Love

From Yours Ever

Will xxx


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