Dear Emmie

Yours to hand of the 19 inst. I have not heard from home yet it is over a month now, you might just remind them will you please? Of course there may be some letters in the post. Has W.L. heard any more about “joining up” he has not written me at all mainly because I have not written him perhaps and I don’t feel in the right mode lately. I am sorry to hear Mr Rolfe has moved I meant to take lessons from him “apres la gare” and of course you have had to drop yours.

We had a morning service in a barn this morning it is the best we can do here. I have not seen any apropriate silk cards yet to send you. There is a band of some description being made up and I dare say your humble will take some part in it. Do you see anything of Evelyn Von Lindon now? I don’t know what she would say if she saw the mistake in spelling. I wonder if the Germans were to win wether she would still be Dutch after the war. We got payed yesterday the huge amount of five franks and one packet of biscuits from the canteen costs 2F.50c. I cannot think of any more to write now as life is rather monotonous here so I will conclude with

Best Love

 Will xx

P.S. I received a letter from home by this evenings post.

P.S.S. 29/4/18 We are now on the move and I will write again as soon as poss.


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