Dear Emmie

Another month more and another month less and another month nearer the end of the war. (That is all about one month.) I am sorry I made that mistake in my last letter with regards to Mr Rolfe. I am glad you are able to carry on still with your lessons. We were as near to moving this morning as to get into motors all ready for a joy ride and the drivers had taken their seats when the word came and cancelled the move. Our dinner was well on the way and had to be caught up and returned about three o’cl this afternoon. I can’t think how I made that mistake in your birthday especially only one day. It must have been that I was in such a hurry to catch the post corporal that I ran one short. The card I sent you did not strike me as being extra pretty but it was the best I could find and I knew violets would please you.

Have you yet discovered who “Reg” is, if so you had better refer him to me; at any rate I would like you tell me all about him. I hope he doesn’t cut me out, of course he may or rather might try but I don’t think he will succeed. By the way you didn’t say what it said on that card I suppose I may know, mayn’t I? Desmond and one of the other band boys have been in the line. Bert (Not Humbert Bertie) heard from them the other day. I think we have been very lucky for you know we just missed it today. I am sorry that I waste so much paper by leaving it blank but you know the officer has about 100 every afternoon to read in his spare time and men in some Regts are only allowed to write two letters apiece per week. I will now close hoping all are well at home.

With Fondest Love

From Will xxx

PS. 1/5/18 We are on the move today will write again as soon as poss.


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