Dearest Emmie

In answer to yours of April 30th, you couldn’t have followed that letter of W.R.M’s close enough I would have another shot if I were you. I am glad to hear that you haven’t had any air-raids for a long time now; perhaps they have stopped them thinking that we will finish making reprisals. It is the only thing you at home can do is to Watch & Pray for us and while I know that you pray night and day for me it helps me to bear all the trials out here. When I first read your letter I wondered how the dickings you knew Mr Taylor’s name. I forgot that he signs the letters. No! he does not censor yours so you may put in exactly what you please. He might be a nice man in civil life but the army has spoilt him. He tries to be a soldier and can’t. Thank Bert very much for his photo: it is very good of him.

I know how you look forward to my letters the same as I look for news from you and I will write as often as I can. It seems funny when I read your letters you speak of things which I have forgotten nearly all about and I dare say my letters seem the same to you don’t they? I hope your social eveing at G.F.S. went well. I remember once when the boys from the “Lads Club” were invited we had a fine time. Girls do do things now-a-days. I know that they used to push trucks along on the platforms but I didn’t think it would come to pushing trains along. I have not done any practical first aid and stretcher bearing yet but I dare say I will have to do some soon. Well my dear I will close now hoping I receive a letter from you tonight.

With Fondest Love

From Your

Will xx


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