Dear Emmie

I noticed that writing on the cover of book and at first thought it was some scribble until I held it up to a light and then I was able to read it. My answer is [written backwards] I love you more than I used to if that is possible “I love you with all my heart” far more than I can describe on paper. I am always thinking of you and those thoughts help to keep me cheerful. I am longing for the time when I can take you in my arms and give you that birthday kiss. If the censor reads this he will feel envious. I found out my mistake about Mr Rolfe soon after I posted that letter and I corrected myself in the next. I am just as bright as when I first came out here. I do feel depressed sometimes but your letters always cheer me up. If we hadn’t have moved I might have got into the orchestra but perhaps it is for the best where I am now. Music generally cheers me up if I can partake in the making of it. Thanks very much for those two books they will help pass a few idle moments away. I have a little suggestion to make. When you write me will you put in some paper and an envelope for the answer: it is impossible to get any here and this is my last piece. One of the other chaps suggested it to me and I think it is a very good idea.

We had some rain last night and now the mud is 3-6 inches thick outside. Yours to hand of the 2nd inst. It is very strange that you should write that in French which I have written on the first page of this letter. My answer is J’avez aime vous de tout mon cour mon Cherie. Je penser cett il la correct response, il n’a pas. Can you understand this. Perhaps you will not call it French. I am glad you enjoyed the social I thought of when I used to wait for you. It does not seem a whole year that I have been in the army time flies so. I wish I could come to the Albert Hall with you you was with me the last time I went I think. If you were able to write twice a day it will give me something to write about as there is nothing doing here. I don’t want you to debar yourself of anything by sending me anything that is rationed. I am not bored at anything you write. Emmie dear it is more likely that you should get bored with these scraps of paper. Now that I have come to the end of your letter I am at a loss to know what to write about. Please will you send me some sulphur tablets as my blood is out of order. We have been working lately and I haven’t had any sleep for about 36 hours and yet I don’t feel extra tired so I think I will get 20 winks before and 40 winks after dinner. I might tell you I have been having a very cosy time compared with the others. I am waiting for a green envelope to put this in that is why it is in so many “bits”. Well my love I will now conclude with all my thoughts and love for you.

From Your (Soldier boy) Will xxx




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