Dear Emmie

Yours to hand of the 25th inst. We were no where near that raid on a base hospital last week, I havn’t read an account of it in the papers at all but I hear there were a lot of casualties. I am not quite 40ft under the ground like Maude’s brother is but I am quite 20ft down in a fairly comfortable old German dug-out. I havn’t met Harold at all out here. I don’t think I am anywhere near him. It would be rather a change for you to go selling flags do you have to do it in the railways time. Vaccination doesn’t “take” on some people but others make up for it sometimes. The C.L.B. is certainly coming on they used to have a decent gym but I think what they want most is an instructor; at any rate it will be more of an attraction for the boys. I read of the new club room in the mag but I dare say it will be hard to run while the war is on. My hair is not very long with over two months growth on top. You know I had a “crop” before I left England. I had a “trim up” last week when we were down. I had a letter from Dad today and he tells me Mabel is helping him with his books in her spare time. Getting ready for après la gare. I havn’t any more to write this time so will close.

With Best Love

From Yours Ever Will xxx


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