Dear Emmie

 Another month less, etc. etc. I received a letter from you last night but havn’t got it to hand just now. I can only say that I am still keeping fairly well and that is the main thing you want to know, isn’t it? Of course I could tell you all that on a field card but we havn’t had an issue for about a fortnight now. As for green envelopes they are a thing of the past I have been offered 2F.50C for one if I had it to sell but of course that would not be worth it “if” I had one. I hope are all well and safe from air raids and also that you get enough to eat. I would like you to remember me to Mr Clark he must feel quite a free man now; by the way, isn’t he liable to be called up for military service or is he exempt. Please excuse such a short letter but I am writing under difficulties. I must now close.

With Fondest Love

Yours Ever


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