Dear Emmie

First of all I am pleased to state that I have shortened my address somewhat. “Drummer W.M. 19013 9th Royal Suss. Regt. B.E.7.7.” At last I have succeeded in getting into the “drums” and we are now all together in one large room and the companies have gone up the line. Of course I don’t know how long this bit of luck is going to last but I must make the best of it while I can. I got on famous on the flute this morning considering it was the first time for nearly a twelve-month, you see we havn’t a “brass band” so a drum & pipe has to do. I have another piece of rather good news to relate, I have found a cousin of mine in this batt, he has been up four years and lives at Ninfield near Battle. He also got into the band today very lucky we should meet so. He is sitting beside me writing and I suppose he is mentioning me in his letter home. He is about 24 but doesn’t look it he is rather dark and has been wounded once making a fractured arm and leg but of course he is better now. I hope I havn’t bored you with my discription of him. He is also about my own build. When we were up last time it was rather rough and I had plenty of work to do. Well I mustn’t grumble now as I am in a ”better ‘ole” than most of them. I think I told you that I heard from C.G. well I hope to see him in a few days time I think I will finish this epistle tomorrow as the hour is late for the Army “Lights out” has gone long ago it is now 10.30pm. It is now 6.30a.m. Wednesday and I am in bed writing this i.e. on the floor with my overcoat and tunic over me. As I write here the firing of the guns jog me; these buildings are very frail and a strong wind would shake them. Next time you send a parcel please let me have a small tin of “Meloids” one tin would last me months out here. I can think of no more to write now so will conclude

With Best Love

From Yours Ever Will xx

P.S. The other day I wrote a letter to C.G. and by mistake addressed it to you that proves I was thinking of you doesn’t it. I think of you morn. noon, & night and something seems to tell me that the war is not going to last much longer and I will be able to come home to you once more.

P.S.S. Please find note enclosed for Mum.



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