Dearest Emmie

I am just writing a few lines to you tonight and will finish this letter tomorrow before the post goes out. I am enclosing a silk postcard and I hope you like it. I went to the pictures this evening and they were very good. I have just finished reading a book called “A Gentleman of France” I dare say you have read it haven’t you. I forgot to tell you last time that I get all new cloths being in the band and I am actually being measured for them a very rare thing for privates in the Army. Our band looks very smart they had their photo’s taken the other night but of course I was not with them as my cloths were too shabby just coming out of the line. I must close for tonight as it has turned “lights out” so happy dreams Emmie dear. It is now 14th but I am not sure what day it is I will have to find out. We have practice every morning for about 2½ hours and sometimes in the afternoon. Before long I hope to be best 7 flute player and I don’t think it will be very long either. I have surprised myself with the way I have got on. I think there are just 21 in the band and they don’t make a bad row either. We have just had dinner: the usual “Stew” and date duff for “afters” our food is much better now better than they are getting up the line I dare say. I hear that one of the old band boys has managed to get into a brass band he is lucky. I havn’t heard anything of Desmond yet but hope to get his address soon that I may be able to write him. Please will you send me a brass button-stick and some Soldier’s Friend button polish it is unobtainable here but the drummers have to be smart. If possible I will get my photo taken in my best. I havn’t heard from you for two or three days I suppose the letters have gone up the line. Well my dear I must now conclude

With Fondest Love

From Yours Ever Will xx


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