Dearest Emmie

Yours to hand of the 21st & 22nd inst. I have just got over a second dose of influenza and I hope I am quite free from it now. I did not [censored] doctored myself on hot bread and milk which I think is about the last thing to bring a high temperature down with. Well I don’t think I will stay any longer on the subject of the “Flue”: or I might develope it upon myself again. It is strange that you should send that rose the same day as I sent one to you, twin though what? I will get my photo taken if I find a decent place but I havn’t seen many good examples yet. I heard from F. Champ the other day and he says a lot of his chums have the “Flue” “Yours [ ] F.” and that’s about all he wrote. You know he had secret designs on E.V. once upon a time if that’s the girl you allude to, at any rate she’s a straight forward object literally speaking for one to make “designs” upon. Hard luck on Mr C. having the general complaint especially under the circs. I suppose that book is by the same man I forget his name now. It might not appeal to you as it did to me but I found it interesting. Well my dear I must perforce close now

With Best Love

From Yours Ever Will xx


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