Dearest Emmie

The batt is now up the line and we are at what is known as “details” that is where all the surplus men stay and if required up the line through casualties occurring they are sent up. I think I have got rid of my influenza now; I have just a cough left that is all. It don’t seem to be flying about now like it was, hundreds of men went in hospital with it and I could have done if I had liked but for one thing I didn’t want to and our Major didn’t want me to either. We have lost our Colonel I think he’s got a staff job in Blighty at any rate nobody will mourn the loss. What do you do with yourself of an evening now you must feel lonely. I think I would play the piano to pass the time away. I don’t have anything to do of an evening here so the time drags to me now at any rate its better than being up the line. I dare say I will see Charlie Gibbs in a few days time and then I will be “thumbs up”. My friend Bert Thorne has not come out of hospital yet with the “flue” he has been away about eight days quite a long time. I had a letter from Mum at Battle today but of course she is in London by now. This is too late to send today so I thing I will wait until tomorrow and I might have a letter from you by then.

It is now tomorrow morning or rather the day after yesterday and we have had our usual practice. I haven’t received a letter from you today because the post is not up yet but I hope to have one when it comes.

Is Mr C. back to work yet. I suppose his better half has returned to duty now. Old Jerries’ airmen dropped some leaflets over our line I think they were meant for his own men, printed in German and saying how we have utterly lost etc. etc. I think old Fritz will have to wait a long time before he wins. Well my dear I will now conclude

With Fondest Love

From Yours Ever Will


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