Dearest Emmie

Yours to hand of the 26 ult received yesterday. I am quite better now thank-you. I hope you don’t get it you know you might catch it off of my letters shall I still write. I suppose you’ll say “Don’t write if you don’t want to”, but I’ll wait and see. I hope you enjoy yourselves with les mères but I suppose these little trips over Hampstead are not uncommon to you in the fine weather. I haven’t heard from Frankie Winslow yet but I thought I had a letter from him the other day and when I came to the end of it I saw it was from Mr Behr of Colchester I think I have mentioned him before (Rev. Behr).

I can almost say for certain that I won’t be home by Sept; unless miracle happens. Look out for me about next March unless the war is over before and I think that is unlikely but don’t give up heart. I received your field card and thought it very nutty: there was one line which was fully censored that I am rather curious about.

I will now close as it is dinner time and post goes directly after.

With Fondest Love

From Will xx


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