Dearest Emmie

Yours to hand of the 27th ult. I hope you have had a letter by now. I saw C. Gibbs last night, his chum who is also a S.B. is away on a chiropodist’s course; sure cure for corns etc. etc. I hope Will is better by now and also the twins who have both been in bed with “flue”. I had a letter from Mr Ferraro yesterday and will answer it today if possible. We played out last night and we are going to again this afternoon. Will Arnold is no more A1 than a man without an arm. I guess he’ll be in hospital soon. I did come across an army doctor who said that he wouldn’t mark an unfit man A1. I don’t think I told you before but we wear knickers now and have to wash our knees every morning, that’s one to tell “Herbert Bertie”. Please will remind Mum that I wrote for some cleaning tackle some time ago; perhaps it went down with that mail-boat which was supposed to have sunk. I will now close this short epistle as I have to clean up for this afternoon.

With Fondest Love

From Will xx


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