Dearest Emmie

In answer to yours dated 1st, yes! I have had an “elegant sufficiency” thank you, I think the mysterious epidemic is passing away now, of course the “flue” is only a fictitious name for it. I don’t quite “compre” the “secret designs” you speak of, do you mean to sit for an artists model. I have not answered Mr Ferraro’s letter yet, I might do this evening. I should think Bert had his work cut out rowing you two he is becoming quite an athlete what with boxing and cycling. He does ask some quere questions, doesn’t he the wipperwopper. Has he said any more about wearing trousers; tell him he mustn’t think about it if he still keeps on with his “Mum”. Thanks for the Mags received today. I see Bert G. is mentioned rather a lot he can’t have a bad job being a sig: I noticed a few uncorrected printers errors in one Mag: I don’t think that would occur if C.R.H. was still mag. sec. What did you tell me the organ repairs would cost. I thought you said £1000 in a letter I had some time ago but I must be mistaken. Well I don’t think I have more to write this time so will conclude.

With Fondest Love

From Will xxx


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